In April, 2002, the Bioinformatics Platform (BIP) commenced, under the Genome Canada Competition I for platforms. The Bioinformatics Platform continues to provide services to Genome Canada funded initiatives through the Applied Genomics and Proteomic Research in Human Health Competition and Competition III projects, as well as other research initiatives around the world.
The Bioinformatics Innovation Centre (BIC), as it is now referred, builds on existing infrastructure at the Calgary-based Sun Centre for Visual Genomics (COE), continues to explore leading edge research. and develops new approaches to the understanding of genomic data. To accomplish this, the Bioinformatics Innovation Centre will focus effort on four major components:

Bioinformatics Tools and Cave Environment: High-throughput database search engines, data storage, generic login accounts, and access to software tools and databases. Accessible COE infrastructure includes the state-of-the-art CAVE Automated Virtual Environment, a Java 3D middleware layer (JABIRU) that enhances portability of Java 3D visualization tools, and related computational infrastructure.

  • Bioinformatics Tools and Services: We are the lead developers of the BioMoby interoperability and networking platform. We provide access to Bioinformatics Innovation Centre tools and services, as well as to many data and analytical resources worldwide, through the BioMoby framework.
  • Bioinformatics Programming: Generic and customized programming capability.
  • Bioinformatics Training: Training courses to create power users and introduce Bioinformatics innovation Centre services.

The goal is to continue all aspects of the Bioinformatics Innovation Centre while working with Genome Canada funded projects and others, as well as expand the service base, through provision of excellence in bioinformatics high throughput tools and services.

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